Mature woman over 60 with facial fillers

What Ages Can Benefit from Facial Fillers? A Guide for Those 60+

Can men and women over 60 still get facial fillers, like those from the Juvéderm dermal filler collection? Where is the cutoff for having this treatment, and is it right for you? Here’s what you should know.

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Are Dermal Fillers Safe for Someone 60+?

In most cases, dermal fillers are safe for those over 60. They are FDA-approved and have a long history of safety. But to be sure, you need to discuss your medical history with your medical aesthetician. People with certain conditions are advised not to have dermal fillers at any age. Two examples of such conditions are certain specific allergies and bleeding disorders.

However, having a professional aesthetician who reviews your medical history and takes proper precautions helps ensure that you get only safe treatments. As for side effects, we let you know what to expect and how to address side effect symptoms if they do happen. Nothing about your age alone would prevent you from safely having dermal filler injections. In fact, a large percentage of our customers are older adults.

What Results Can You Expect If You’re Over 60?

Many of our patients ask, what should I expect from dermal fillers now that I’m over 60? It’s true that you probably won’t get the same results you would if you had started earlier in life. Yet, you can have positive results. Setting reasonable expectations is a crucial part of your consultation for dermal fillers after age 60. In short, you aren’t going to look exactly like you did in your 20s.

So, what can you expect? Where should you set your goals? How can best recover from dermal filler injections? For people over 60, dermal fillers can give you a fresher, younger appearance. Deep lines become less noticeable, crow’s feet and frown lines diminish, and your cheeks and lips look plumper. You could even look more well-rested. Your face looks more relaxed with the lines softened. As a part of your consultation, we assess your skin’s condition and describe what results you can expect. We discuss your goals and help you know what to expect in your specific case.

How Aging Changes Your Face

5 Factors That Impact Changes in Your Face Infographic

Aging slowly changes your face over time. Several specific things happen to give you wrinkles, hollow cheeks, and fine lines. Understanding this natural process can help you and your aesthetician choose the best cosmetic procedure for you.

Decrease in Estrogen and Collagen

As women age, their bodies produce only about 10% of what they produce at ages 30-40. Unfortunately, this decrease in estrogen also causes the body to produce less collagen. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in your body that gives your face volume. With less of it, your cheeks become sunken or hollow-looking, your jowls become saggy, and wrinkles begin to appear.

Cellular Turnover Decreases

For both men and women, the older you get, the slower your body replaces its cells. When this happens to your facial skin, it causes your facial skin to become thinner. Your lips become very narrow. New lines appear, and any lines you already have become deeper. The good news is that facial fillers can help repair some of this damage. Many older men and especially women want to make their lips look fuller and more attractive.

Sun Exposure

Sun exposure takes a toll, too. Recently, the risks of skin cancer have prompted more people to avoid spending too much time in the sun. However, in your youth, you may have enjoyed sunbathing. After all, it was not only a popular habit but at the time, it was considered healthy. Yet, the sun can damage your skin even if you don’t get skin cancer. It can cause wrinkles, lines, and thinning of your skin.

Repetitive Facial Movements

Facial expressions are an important part of interpersonal communication. However, if you move your face in the same way year after year, you might develop lines and wrinkles. Squinting, wincing with pain, and other repetitive movements can also cause wrinkles. Common problems include lines in your brow area, crow’s feet, frown lines, and lines along your upper lip.

Unhealthy Habits

Smoking, poor diet, and lack of exercise can all cause wrinkles. Even if you correct these habits later in life, the effects may still be with you. That’s why dermal fillers are so helpful for people in their 60s and older. They erase some of the evidence of bad habits early in life.

What Is the Inverted Triangle?

The overall shape of your face usually changes as you get older. When you are in your teens and twenties, your face tends to have the shape of an upside-down or inverted triangle. During your youth, your cheeks look plump while your chin and lower face have less volume.

As you age, your overall face shape flips the triangle, with your jowls, chin, and lower face looking heavier and your cheeks looking hollow or sunken. At Elevate, we can address this issue with dermal fillers, helping you move back toward that youthful, inverted triangle.

What Type of Dermal Filler Is Best for Me?

When it comes to choosing dermal fillers, the best thing you can do is talk it over with a medical aesthetician. Juvéderm has several different dermal fillers, all composed of a gel-like form of hyaluronic acid. At Elevate, we recommend this dermal filler for people over 60 because it is safe and may be the most effective treatment for reaching your goals.

Do Dermal Fillers Make Your Face Look Natural?

Yes! Dermal fillers like Juvéderm leave your face looking more youthful without causing a fake, mask-like appearance. We use Juvéderm dermal filler, which is made up of hyaluronic acid, a substance that is already present in your body.

Your friends might notice that you look more rested and attractive, and you’ll look your natural best at this age. The lines might not be completely gone, but they will be softer and less noticeable. You simply look like a younger version of yourself.

What Is the Cutoff Age?

The truth is that there is really no specific age when you can no longer benefit from dermal fillers after 60. Other factors may come into play, but you can never be too old to have Juvéderm or other dermal fillers. Even better, after the treatments, your newfound confidence might make you feel younger and less concerned about your age.

How to Be Sure You Have the Right Aesthetician

Although dermal fillers are safe and effective for people 60+, it is a medical procedure that should be done by a qualified professional. This non-invasive procedure should still be given by medical aestheticians and at a doctor’s direction.

At Elevate at Alaska Women’s Health, our injectors have training and experience in women’s health. Our team consists of clinical nurses and doctors with special training in cosmetic procedures like dermal filler injections. Elevate offers the treatment you need from professionals who safeguard your health while helping you look younger and more appealing.

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