Confident woman after microneedling from Elevate at Alaska Women's Health

Restore Your Glow

With Microneedling Treatments in Anchorage

 Starting at $350/session 

You’re worthy of having luminous, radiant, and youthful skin that glows. Microneedling is an effective collagen induction therapy for getting below your skin’s surface. It activates the rejuvenation process and helps minimize skin imperfections. Our professional aestheticians in Anchorage can help you restore your skin to a beautiful and healthy state. 

What is Microneedling?

This minimally invasive skin care treatment uses tiny needles to penetrate the skin, stimulating your body’s natural healing process and leaving you with softer, smoother, and brighter-looking skin. Microneedling is a safe and effective skincare method that’s good for improving the appearance of your complexion and skin’s texture. These skin care treatments are suitable for all skin types, so you can have the beautiful, glowing complexion you’ve always hoped for.

Is Microneedling Right for You?

If you’re looking for an FDA-approved, low-risk, effective, and convenient way to improve the appearance of your aging skin, then microneedling could be the perfect beauty treatment for you. Your aesthetician at Elevate can help you choose the best cosmetic treatment for your aesthetic healthy skin and wellness goals.

Our microneedling skin care treatments are suitable for all skin tones. If you have scarring, it helps reduce the appearance of blemishes. It can also improve your overall complexion. Here are some cosmetic and medical skin conditions microneedling can help treat:

  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Acne scars
  • Discolorations
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Enlarged pores
  • Loose or crepey skin
  • Stretch marks
  • Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

What To Expect During Your Microneedling Session

On the day of your microneedling session, we’ll take you back to our comfortable cosmetic treatment area and answer any questions you might have. Our trained and certified professionals will begin the treatment by cleansing your skin and then applying a thin layer of topical anesthetic. Once your skin is numb, we’ll use a specialized device to create tiny micro-injuries on the surface of your skin. The tiny punctures on your skin stimulate your body’s natural rejuvenation process. As your body triggers collagen and elastin production, the resulting outcome is firmer, smoother, more radiant-looking skin.

You may feel some warmth or prickly, scratching sensation from the small needles on your skin from our microneedling device. Needles range from 0.5 to 2 millimeters long. The longer the needles, the deeper into your skin the treatment will reach which may cause some bleeding.

Depending on the area being treated, an individual microneedling session typically lasts between 15-60 minutes. For maximum results, depending on your skin type, multiple treatment sessions may be recommended. You can expect to see visible results and improvement in your skin health within a few weeks. While you may experience minimal side effects, such as some post-treatment redness, swelling, or dryness, these symptoms should dissipate within a few days. Using an ice pack after your treatment may aid in reducing any discomfort. Avoiding the sun until your skin fully recovers from the procedure is recommended.

Elevate is wonderful! The office is beautiful, Olivia is so professional, gentle and does a excellent job!

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