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Types of Juvéderm Injections: A Guide to the Juvéderm Dermal Filler Collection

Suppose you’ve already decided to have Juvéderm injections. First, you have a decision to make. You have to decide which Juvéderm dermal filler to request. How many types of Juvéderm are there? There are actually several types on the market. They all contain hyaluronic acid, but there are some differences to consider. Here’s an overview of the different types of Juvéderm injections that are available. Then, you can speak with your injection provider to determine which one is best for you.

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How Many Types of Juvéderm Are There?

5 Types of Juvéderm to Achieve Your Face Goals Infographic

First, let’s answer the question of how many types of Juvéderm are there. There are five different types of Juvéderm. Each type has a specific use, a unique composition, and its own luxurious results. Here’s what you need to know about each type.

1. Juvéderm UltraPlus XC

This dermal filler might be the ideal injection for you if you have severe wrinkling or if your face has lost significant volume over the years. It is a relatively aggressive treatment, so it can often help people regain their youthful look.

Where Used: Crow’s feet, smile lines, other static wrinkles

Benefits: Smooths our wrinkles dramatically

Special Use: For extreme volume loss or wrinkles

2. Juvéderm Vollure XC

Juvéderm Vollure XC perfects your smile using VYCROSS Technology. The effects of this treatment last, on average, up to 18 months.

Where Used: smile lines, nasolabial folds

Benefits: Rejuvenates your beautiful smile

Special Use: Injected near the lips

3. Juvéderm Voluma XC

Juvéderm Voluma XC brings beauty and youthful fullness to your cheeks. It brings elegant contours to your face, eliminating parentheses lines and facial folds.

Where Used: Cheeks

Benefits: Plumps and lifts cheeks and facial folds

Special Use: Injected in cheeks

4. Juvéderm Ultra XC

This brand’s Ultra XC makes your lips look fuller. The dermal filler enhances and plumps your lips. It’s especially helpful to older adults who want to recreate the look of fuller lips they once had. However, it is also used as a treatment for people who want to increase the fullness of their natural lips.

Where Used: Lips and areas adjacent to lips

Benefits: Makes lips fuller and more wrinkle-free

Special Use: For older adults who have lost lip volume over time

5. Juvéderm Volbella XC

The Juvéderm Volbells XC dermal filler takes a more refined approach to add fullness to lips and eyes. With this product, you get just the amount of fullness you need under your eyes and on your lips.

Where Used: Lip and under eye

Benefits: Subtly enhances lips or prevents sunken or droopy-looking eyes

Special Use: Perfects the fullness of lips and under-eye areas

What Do the Five Types of Juvéderm Have in Common?

Now, you know the answer to “how many types of Juvéderm are there?” Yet, although these five types of Juvéderm are different, what is it that they have in common? Here is what you will always find with any of these five Juvéderm treatments.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that your body produces naturally throughout your life. However, as you begin to age, you might see wrinkles, or the fullness of your face might begin to diminish. Fortunately, all Juvéderm products contain hyaluronic acid that helps plump up your lips and cheeks and fills out wrinkled areas.


All Juvéderm products have been proven safe. They are all FDA-approved, with years of gorgeous results to their credit. With an expert providing your treatment, you have the final piece of the safety puzzle. What’s more, if you don’t like the results, they can be reversed.

Time Factor

With every dermal filler, there is a time limit. One product lasts longer than another, but what is consistent is that no dermal fillers are permanent. You will need to go back for additional treatments to maintain the look. With these products, that time likely will be between one and two years.


Our medical aestheticians perform the treatments carefully, paying close attention to your comfort at all times. All Juvéderm products contain a numbing agent called lidocaine, which diminishes the pain you might feel during the injections.


You may also be wondering how fast you’ll see the results. You might be surprised to know that you will see the results immediately. As soon as we complete the injections for the day, you can start to notice beautiful results right away.

Which Dermal Fillers Should I Use?

Choosing the right Juvéderm dermal fillers to use for you as an individual could be a complex decision. It will depend on several factors, including:

  • Your current problem areas
  • The look you want to achieve
  • Your personal needs
  • The types of Juvéderm that are best for those challenges

Reading this guide can help you prepare for your discussion with your medical aesthetics provider. They examine your face and listen to your needs and preferences. After your consultation, your provider can offer recommendations for which Juvéderm product or products would work best to achieve your goals.

How Many Types of Treatment Do You Need?

Another thing to consider is whether you will have more than one type of injection treatment. Some people might choose just one type of Juvéderm, such as one for their crows’ feet. Others might have more than one, such as one type for their lips and another type for their cheeks. In fact, you might want one or more types of Juvéderm along with BOTOX, which can treat wrinkles from facial expressions or muscle movements.

Remember that your provider is an experienced and highly skilled medical professional. When they examine your face, they recognize which issues each type of treatment can address. They also know how to use these treatments together or separately to achieve the youthful appearance you want.

What to Look for in a Medical Aesthetics Provider

Before you can have a discussion with a medical aesthetics provider, you need to find someone who can help you. At a medical aesthetics clinic, you should find providers with the following:

  • Experience in medical aesthetics
  • Training in using all Juvéderm products
  • Skills as an aesthetics provider
  • Communication skills
  • Excellent credentials
  • A team that specializes in cosmetic injections

Just as important, you need a team that appreciates you as a person with your own needs and goals. Choose medical aestheticians who can give you sound advice and provide these services for as long as you choose to continue.

Why Choose Elevate at Alaska Women’s Health?

In Anchorage, Juvéderm cosmetic injections are offered by Elevate at Alaska Women’s Health. Our team is highly qualified to provide any of the five types of Juvéderm injections, as well as BOTOX injections.

At Elevate, we focus on you, what you hope for, and what you need. We not only have the skills and experience to provide outstanding services, but we give you personalized treatments. We customize your treatment plan so that you get lovely results each time.

We help you imagine yourself as a younger self, and then we provide the treatments to help you make that a reality. With Elevate, your health, well-being, and satisfaction are our ultimate goals. That’s why we want you to know what to expect from the types of Juvéderm injection treatments that are right for you.

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