Woman combining botox and dermal fillers

The Best of Both Worlds: Combining BOTOX and Dermal Fillers to Treat Wrinkles

BOTOX and dermal fillers are both injections, and they both reduce wrinkles. But they serve very unique purposes. While BOTOX can address wrinkles and lines caused by facial expressions, dermal fillers plump and add volume using hyaluronic acid. Combine both, and you can have a youthful, plump, line-free face that checks off all the marks.

Would you like to look young and beautiful again? Contact us at Elevate at Alaska Women’s Health for BOTOX and dermal filler wrinkle treatments.

Injections for a More Youthful Face

Benefits of Combining Botox and Dermal Fillers: What You Can Treat Infographic

Medical aesthetics can help you have a more youthful appearance by providing special injections designed to restore your skin and face to a younger version of you. Elevate uses both BOTOX and dermal fillers for this purpose, depending on your specific aging issues.

Choosing an anti-wrinkle treatment is easier when you have a knowledgeable medical aesthetics provider. At Elevate, we can inform you, guide you through your decision, and perform the injections you choose, or supply other wrinkle-reducing options.

What Does BOTOX Do?

BOTOX is the treatment of choice for women and men who want to reduce or eliminate wrinkles resulting from facial expressions. This cosmetic treatment can change your appearance by reducing or erasing the following signs of aging.

  • Forehead creases
  • Droopy brows
  • Crow’s feet
  • Frown lines
  • Glabellar lines
  • Other wrinkles from facial expressions

In short, BOTOX smooths wrinkles and fine lines. It does this by preventing the muscles where it is injected from contracting. The goal of BOTOX injections is to give your face a smoother look. And a smoother face is one of the hallmarks of youth!

Moreover, evidence shows that BOTOX works effectively for nearly all men and women when it is administered by a highly-trained professional. While no two people respond to BOTOX in exactly the same way, it is generally a safe and effective wrinkle treatment.

How Do Dermal Fillers Help?

Dermal fillers can also make you look younger, but they do it in a different way. They can correct skin folds and wrinkles by adding volume to your face. We can add fullness to fix the following types of issues with dermal fillers.

  • Thin, droopy lips
  • Sunken cheeks
  • Hollowness under the eyes
  • Sagging jawline or chin
  • Facial fat loss due to HIV or other diseases
  • Acne scars on cheeks

If your face appears sunken or droopy, adding volume with fillers may give it the look you want. Your face looks younger, fresher, and more alive with the increased fullness. The procedure is quick, easy, and highly effective.

Benefits of Combining BOTOX and Dermal Fillers

BOTOX and dermal fillers can work together beautifully if you are a good candidate for the combined treatment. The best way to know if these treatments are right for you is to have a consultation with your medical aesthetics provider.

Each of these injections corrects different signs of aging, so combining BOTOX and fillers makes sense. After treatment, your face not only looks wrinkle-free, but it has the fullness you would expect on a person who is much younger.

Another benefit is that the two types of injections can work together better than each of them works individually. For instance, if you planned to have dermal fillers only, you may be surprised to learn that adding BOTOX can help the fillers last longer. Speak with your aesthetics provider to determine whether combining BOTOX and fillers is the best option.

Is Combining BOTOX and Fillers Safe?

BOTOX and fillers do not contain the same ingredients or work the same way. They are each safe, and they are safe together. BOTOX uses a neuroprotein, which does not interfere or “clash” with the dermal fillers, which use hyaluronic acid.

Despite rumors about hyaluronic acid, the truth about dermal fillers is that they do not ruin your face. In fact, with continued treatments, your face will look more attractive than ever before.

Your Combined BOTOX and Dermal Filler Treatment

During your consultation, your provider will help you decide whether you want just one type of injection or prefer combining BOTOX and fillers. We aim to help you achieve your goals for a more youthful face. At the same time, we ensure that all procedures are safe and effective.

Combining BOTOX and fillers requires a skilled medical aesthetician who can carefully inject the BOTOX in different areas of your face than the dermal fillers. Then, you get fullness or smoothness where you need it. At Elevate at Alaska Women’s Health, we have the expertise and patience to use both products together in the most helpful way.

What to Expect After the Injections

While combining BOTOX and fillers is safe and effective, you might notice a few temporary side effects that are usually only mildly uncomfortable.

Side effects of BOTOX include the following.

  • Headaches
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Neck pain
  • Redness or swelling at an injection site.

If you notice that your eyes are drooping, call your doctor immediately.

Side effects of dermal fillers include the following.

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Tenderness
  • Itching
  • Rash
  • Pain

Although you might notice some of the side effects on either of these lists, it’s highly unlikely that you would have any severe or long-lasting side effects. In most cases, you feel and look great within a very short time.

Am I a Good Candidate for a BOTOX and Dermal Filler Combination?

We treat dynamic and static wrinkles with the two types of injections. What’s the difference? Dynamic wrinkles are the lines that show up due to using facial expressions like smiling, laughing, frowning, or squinting. BOTOX is the ideal treatment for dynamic wrinkles because it stops the facial muscles from contracting.

On the other hand, static wrinkles are always there, no matter your facial expression. Because they are due to a lack of volume, or fat loss, the hyaluronic fillers can plump those wrinkled areas up to smooth them out.

For some people, only one of these treatments is necessary to restore your youthful appearance. Others, particularly those who are older, may benefit from having both types of injections in one session.

In addition, there are people who might benefit from a two-session treatment, in which BOTOX is injected one day and dermal fillers at another appointment. Talk to your injection provider to learn more about what is right for you, given your unique aging challenges and preferences. Then, you can make an informed decision based on your goals and your medical aesthetician’s recommendations.

Choosing a Nonsurgical Cosmetic Procedure Provider

Choosing the right provider for combining BOTOX and fillers is essential to your health, well-being, and results. You need an aesthetician with a medical background, an outstanding reputation, and a holistic health mindset.

At Elevate, all our injectors come from a background in women’s health. We provide care to help you feel better about yourself, build your self-esteem, and approach life with a youthful attitude. Our goal is to help you feel confident about yourself and your life through the services we provide, including BOTOX, fillers, and other cosmetic services.

Would you like to look younger quickly and completely? Talk to us at Elevate to find out if combining BOTOX and fillers is right for you!