Woman getting botox eyebrow lift injection

The BOTOX Eyebrow Lift: What You Need to Know

Are your eyebrows beginning to droop or sag, making you look like you’re stressed or exhausted? Would you like your natural eyebrows returned to their perky appearance? A BOTOX eyebrow life can elevate your brows so that you can look your refreshed, energized, and youthful best. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

Have questions about BOTOX eyebrow lift? Speak with your Elevate provider to learn what this procedure can do for you.

BOTOX Eyebrow Lift Basics

BOTOX injections have been available for decades. These treatments gained FDA approval in 2002 thanks to their safety and benefits. By now, most people have heard of having BOTOX to eliminate forehead creases. However, you may not know that medical aestheticians can perform a BOTOX eyebrow lift without the risks associated with cosmetic surgery.

What Is BOTOX?

BOTOX is a drug that is used in cosmetic procedures to eliminate wrinkles. BOTOX has been proven safe when used in small amounts for cosmetic treatments. Since BOTOX isn’t a dermal filler, it doesn’t plump up your face. Instead, it smooths out wrinkles, such as crow’s feet, frown lines, and other problem areas.

How Does BOTOX Change Your Eyebrows?

BOTOX offers eyebrow reshaping through minimally invasive injections. The procedure stops certain muscles around your eyebrows from moving. Why would you want that? The reason the BOTOX eyebrow lift is so popular is that it keeps your eyebrow area smooth to prevent the downward pull that gives you a frowning appearance. The procedure subtly lifts your eyebrows, giving you a younger, revitalized look.

What Is the Procedure Like?

Before your appointment for BOTOX, your provider gives you a list of medications and other substances to avoid in the weeks before your procedure. Once you are seated comfortably, we answer any questions you still have and give you a few small injections in the areas we will treat. The needle is very small, and you aren’t likely to feel more than a slight pinch. Usually, the BOTOX injections only take about 10-15 minutes.

Are There Any Side Effects?

While it’s not uncommon to have side effects after a BOTOX eyebrow lift, the usual problems are mild. For example, you might notice swelling or bruising around the injection sites. Rarely do people have other side effects, but you could have a headache, dry eyes, or flu-like symptoms.

You are extremely unlikely to have more serious side effects after BOTOX. However, if you notice any vision problems or have trouble speaking, breathing, or swallowing, it’s important to contact your doctor immediately.

BOTOX Eyebrow Lift Aftercare

Most cosmetic procedures require some type of aftercare. With BOTOX, you can probably return to work immediately after your treatment. Here are some tips for a healthy aftercare routine.

  • Don’t lie down until three hours or more after the injections.
  • Avoid strenuous activities for the first 24 hours.
  • Don’t wear anything on your head, such as a headband or hat.
  • It helps your recovery to take things easy for a while. Still, you can mostly go about your usual daily routine. Remember, at this time, more than ever, moderation is key.

Will I Have Instant Results?

It would be nice to go in for a BOTOX eyebrow lift and come back out shortly after with the full results evident. However, the nerve toxin has to have time to take effect and do its work. About a week to ten days after the procedure, you should see the initial results.

Is BOTOX a Permanent Treatment?

BOTOX does not have permanent results. After about three to four months, the effects will diminish gradually as the nerve toxin wears off. If you want to maintain the fresh, youthful appearance you got from the BOTOX lift, you will need to continue having treatments.

Surgical vs. BOTOX Eyebrow Lift

Eyebrow Lifts: Surgical vs. Botox Infographic

Surgical eyebrow lifts offer another alternative to a BOTOX eyebrow lift. Is it a better choice? That depends on your goals. Here’s how the two procedures compare.

Surgical eyebrow Lift

  • Invasive surgery comes with more risk
  • 1 to 2-week recovery time before resuming normal activities
  • Results can last for 10 to 12 years

Eyebrow Lift with BOTOX

  • Minimally-invasive surgery with injections only
  • Back to work the same day and full recovery within days
  • Results last 3-4 months

For those who want a long-lasting eyebrow lift, the surgical option might make sense. Yet, many people would like to have a preview of what it will look like after surgery. In that case, another alternative is to have the BOTOX procedure, see how you like the look, and then consider going in for the surgical lift. This gives you an opportunity to determine for yourself if you will be happy with the outcome.

Is a BOTOX Eyebrow Lift Right for Me?

The best way to know if any cosmetic procedure is right for you is to discuss it with your medical aesthetician. At Elevate, we share with you all the details you want and need to know. After we complete an assessment, we can tell you about any or all of the following aspects of the treatment.

  • Facts about BOTOX
  • How we perform the procedure
  • Expected results
  • Whether you are a good candidate for the procedure
  • Aftercare tips
  • Any other general information about the product, the procedure, or the results

Not everyone can have BOTOX injections. For example, those who have conditions like multiple sclerosis or who are pregnant or lactating usually are not good candidates for the procedure. For this reason, the team at Elevate asks you questions about your medical history to ensure it is safe for you to get the injections. BOTOX results may vary, but the treatments have had outstanding success for decades.

In the end, it’s your choice whether you have a BOTOX injection procedure. Our job at Elevate is to present you with all the information we can to help you make that decision. If you decide to say “yes!” then our highly-skilled team schedules and then performs the treatment you have chosen.

Where to Go for a BOTOX Eyebrow Lift in Anchorage

For the patient, a BOTOX eyebrow lift is usually a very easy way to look and feel better about yourself. For the provider, however, it requires training, skills, and dedication to give you the best results possible for you. In addition, providers need to be able to assess your health accurately. We provide BOTOX for men and women who want to enhance their appearance.

A BOTOX eyebrow lift is a treatment that you should never trust to someone without excellent credentials. At Elevate, we have a full staff that includes doctors and nurses specializing in medical aesthetics. All care you receive at Elevate at Alaska Women’s Health is provided by medical professionals who have both the education and the experience required to perform this procedure as it should be done.

At Elevate, we see these treatments as a way to improve your health holistically. After all, your increased sense of confidence is a part of who you are. We provide these procedures because we know that when you look your very best, you also feel good about yourself. This improved self-esteem can even lead you to live a healthier life.

Would you like to rejuvenate your appearance with a BOTOX eyebrow lift? Set up a consultation with Elevate to get started.