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Is It Safe to Get BOTOX Injections While Pregnant? Ask a Med Spa Specialist

Pregnancy is a time when we’re focused on the arrival of a young one into our lives. Yet, during these months, your self-care still matters. If you’ve been using BOTOX as a preventative for facial wrinkles or to treat already existing wrinkles, you may wonder if you can continue or start getting injections. Could BOTOX harm your developing baby?

Many people request BOTOX while pregnant and are asking many of the same questions you’re asking right now. After all, when you’re pregnant, you might not feel like the most youthful, confident version of yourself. And there’s nothing selfish about wondering if you can still engage in the same aesthetic services as you did pre-pregnancy.

So, can you get BOTOX while pregnant? Here’s what the experts say to guide you in your decision (because it’s not an easy one).

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Is BOTOX Safe While Pregnant?

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While BOTOX really does work for nearly everyone – both men and women – you may be concerned about having it during pregnancy. There is no consensus on whether this procedure is safe for pregnant women. Researchers tend to agree that not enough is known yet to make that determination.

BOTOX would have to pass two tests to be safe for pregnant women. It would need to be proven safe for the pregnant woman. In addition, it would need to cause no harm to the fetus. Because few research studies have even addressed these issues, we don’t know whether BOTOX would pass either or both of these tests.

What Types of Studies Have Been Done?

Because so little is known about the effects of BOTOX on pregnant women and their babies, researchers typically use information that is already available. Rather than injecting pregnant women with BOTOX and studying the results, scientists gather data about instances where this has already happened. For example, one case study followed a 17-year-old woman who got the injections before she knew she was pregnant.

Although several literature reviews showed that many women who had BOTOX during pregnancy had made it through pregnancy and delivered healthy babies, it’s unclear whether this would be true for every pregnant woman and child. Neither researchers nor obstetricians are yet ready to say that women are generally safe and can get BOTOX while pregnant.

Factors Affecting the Safety of BOTOX During Pregnancy

All BOTOX treatments are not created equal. According to one review of studies, there are several factors that determine how safe this procedure is for pregnant women. These include the following:

  • The type of product that is used
  • The dose of the injections
  • How long between treatments

So, can you get BOTOX while pregnant if your provider chooses the right product, dose, and intervals? Some injectors might do just that. However, at Elevate, we prefer to be as safe as possible and will always encourage you to put your health and your baby’s health first. While nine months may feel like a long time during the tiring and uncomfortable months of pregnancy, it is really not long to wait for a cosmetic treatment. We recommend waiting until after the baby is born and your body returns to its non-pregnant condition.

What If I Already Got BOTOX While Pregnant?

Like with the case of the 17-year-old mentioned above, you might have had BOTOX before you were aware of your pregnancy. If so, it’s reasonably likely that you and your baby will be fine. You should tell your obstetrician about the BOTOX treatments for two reasons. First, it will help them monitor your health and ensure they deal with any problems that arise because of the BOTOX. Second, you can add your outcomes to the growing information on BOTOX and pregnancy that scientists study.

The main thing is not to worry. Pregnancy and delivery can be scary for many women, especially if they have underlying conditions. You don’t need anything else to be worried about. So, tell your doctor, and then follow their advice.

Boosting Self-Esteem After Pregnancy

Pregnancy can take a toll on your self-esteem. Your body looks different, and the growing baby bump might make you feel unattractive. Then, too, if you have trouble sleeping, you might wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and see the signs of sleep deprivation written on your face. Besides all that, you may become so focused on the coming birth that you lose sight of what makes you the wonderful person that you are.

That’s why after the pregnancy is a great time to give yourself some attention. And it’s not selfish at all. Every child deserves parents who feel good about themselves. So, we recommend that, if you would like to get BOTOX, you get it after the baby is born. Then, you can boost your self-esteem at the time you need it most. The better you feel about yourself during your child’s early years, the easier they will find it to love themselves, too. At the same time, your life with your family is enhanced by your own self-confidence.

What Can I Do for Wrinkles While Pregnant?

If you don’t get BOTOX during pregnancy, what can you do to make your face appear more youthful? At Elevate, we can help you in choosing an anti-wrinkle treatment. Injections aren’t the only option. For example, we can recommend daily serums and creams to make your skin look and feel healthier. As the pregnancy progresses, these topical treatments keep your skin in good condition so that, when the time comes, you are ready to take the next step and get BOTOX or Juvéderm injections as you choose.

Another advantage of using serums and creams is that you develop a daily habit of caring for your facial skin. This will continue to be important even when you get BOTOX after the pregnancy. After all, your skin needs ongoing care, not just intermittent injections. When you have the habit of caring for your skin, all the good of the BOTOX injections will be amplified and continued in the day-to-day.

*Please note that you should consult with your obstetrician on what facial creams you can safely use. Some common cosmetic products, such as retinol, are associated with higher risks of birth defects.

Ask the Experts from Elevate at Alaska Women’s Health

Please don’t hesitate to discuss your concerns about BOTOX with the med spa specialists at Elevate. We assess your unique situation and recommend the optimal time after pregnancy to get the injections. In the meantime, we can recommend a daily routine to keep your face as youthful as possible now and prepare your skin for BOTOX treatment later.

All of our injection specialists have backgrounds in women’s health, and many of our injectors are also medical specialists in obstetrics and gynecology, so we know the intense changes you are going through during pregnancy. We likely won’t recommend BOTOX for you right now, but we are more than happy to assess you individually and begin planning for the BOTOX treatments we can provide in your near future.

We could certainly give you BOTOX treatments at any time if your safety and health were not top priorities to us. However, we care about you, your baby, and your overall outcomes. Therefore, we suggest instead that you enjoy these months of pregnancy as much as possible, stick to a daily skin care regimen, and start planning for after-pregnancy BOTOX treatment. Our patients have gotten good results with this plan, and we want the same for you!

Are you ready to start planning your after-pregnancy BOTOX treatment? Contact us at Elevate to learn how we can help.