Botox for men administered between man's eyebrows

Botox for Men: A Man’s Guide to the World of Botox and Dermal Fillers

There comes a time in every not-so-young man’s life when he finds himself staring into the mirror at a face he hardly recognizes. While time indeed marches on, it may appear to have blazed trails across his forehead as a reminder of all he’s endured in his many trips around the sun. Even joyous days and celebrations seem to have left imprints with smile lines and crow’s feet around the eyes.

Perhaps you too have tried convincing yourself that all these tell-tale signs of aging offer character, portraying the story of a life well lived. But when you see yourself on camera in the umpteenth Zoom meeting this week, suddenly looking your age doesn’t feel nearly as poetic as a Jack London novel.

Take heart, our ruggedly handsome friend! The aesthetic medical experts at Elevate offer Alaska’s finest skills in non-surgical facial rejuvenation.

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What Exactly Is Botox?

Botox, or “BroTox” as it is affectionately called, is an FDA-approved cosmetic injection used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and has rapidly become the most common non-surgical procedure for men. This minimally invasive cosmetic service involves injecting botulinum toxin produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum into your face. If you find yourself asking if this is the same neurotoxin that causes botulism and food poisoning, you would be correct. However, it is generally safe when used in small and controlled doses by an experienced medical professional.

How Does Botox Work?

Botox injections relax facial muscles by blocking the neurotransmitters that contract muscles associated with facial expressions. This in turn minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

As the body slowly metabolizes the Botox, the effects are usually visible 1-4 days after the injection, and it takes about 1-2 weeks to reach its peak effect. Although the effects are not permanent, this procedure is long-lasting, typically 3-4 months and has minimal side effects. Aside from your medical professional encouraging you to skip a day or two at the gym, you can expect little interruption to your daily routine.

The Changing Face of Masculinity

Although women make up the vast majority of Botox consumers, BroTox is becoming a an increasingly popular trend for male grooming. Many of us remember the weathered face of the Marlboro Man from magazine covers in our youth. While he was the epitome of all things masculine back in the day, he has been replaced most recently by patriarchal Yellowstone rancher “John Dutton” (Kevin Costner), whose ageless appearance has no doubt been enhanced by its fair share of aesthetic medical procedures.

The face of masculinity is changing due to many factors beyond the popular faces gracing cable television or seen walking the red carpets of Hollywood.

  • Social media and online dating have put virtually everyone in the spotlight, forever branded into the archives of some internet cloud.
  • Living in a post-Covid world, the opportunity to demonstrate swagger has declined significantly. Social engagements and in-person gatherings have been replaced by Zoom meetings. While we quietly give thanks to the god of Marsha Brady that the camera may hide our favorite pajama bottoms, it is sometimes difficult to conceal the personal trepidation we may feel as every facial flaw seems to be highlighted in the tic-tac-toe board on the computer screen.
  • Fortunately for everyone, the stigma of the beauty business being solely to serve the ladies has been virtually abolished. More men are enjoying the benefits of days of pampering and taking pride in their appearance, while their lady friends and S.O.’s heartily encourage it.
  • Though sexism is being fought and successfully won on many fronts, ageism is still a harsh reality in many workplaces. Men and women alike report being motivated to seek cosmetic services like Botox to maintain their competitive edge among younger co-workers. Many men feel they must step up their game in order to look the part in today’s corporate mosh pit.

What are the Most Popular Sites for Cosmetic Injections?

The Most Popular Sites for Cosmetic Injections Infographic

When you come to your initial consultation at Elevate in Anchorage, you will be seen by one of our aesthetics medical professionals. All of our cosmetic injection services are performed by skilled professionals with either a clinical nursing background or medical degree. Together we will evaluate and your skincare needs and develop a customized plan to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Areas of concern that may be ideal for Botox or dermal fillers include:

  • Across the forehead to reduce creases
  • Between the eyebrows to target scowl lines
  • In the Corners of the eyes to reduce crow’s feet
  • Around the mouth to target laugh lines and droopiness caused by frowning

What’s the Difference Between Botox and Juvéderm?

When you meet with your Elevate aesthetics medical professional, we will also discuss which products and services are best suited for your needs. Botox is the most highly recognized name in the industry and is considered by many to be the gateway to all non-surgical, age-reversing procedures. However, there is another rising star making its mark in the industry, Juvéderm.

Juvéderm is another FDA-approved cosmetic injection used in anti-aging treatment, but it operates in a slightly different principle than Botox. Unlike Botox, which uses a purified protein to relax the muscles that cause fine lines, wrinkles and folds, Juvéderm is considered a dermal filler, which literally plumps up areas, filling in grooves, lines and wrinkles. Both products are highly effective for smoothing out areas of concern and your Elevate medical professional can assist in determining which approach will work best for your skincare needs.

To learn more about which filler treatment is right for you, click here.

Types of Wrinkles

The biggest deciding factor between Botox and Juvéderm is the type of wrinkles they serve. Botox works best on wrinkles that appear as a result of movement, such as smiling, frowning, squinting or furrowing your brow. Juvéderm is more suitable for wrinkles that are present even when your face is at rest. As we age, our face tends to lose volume and fullness, giving an appearance of sagginess or droopiness. Juvéderm uses hyaluronic acid to fill-in, plump up and replenish areas that need a little boost.

Time and Results

Both Botox and Juvéderm are excellent non-surgical choices for turning back the clock through cosmetic injections. The outcome for any cosmetic procedure varies from person-to-person and is affected by a variety of factors such as:

  • Age
  • Elasticity of Skin
  • Wrinkle Depth
  • Metabolism
  • Size and Location of Area Being Addressed
  • Self-Care Habits
  • Willingness to Follow Before and After Care Instructions

While both produce noticeable results within a couple of days, there is a difference in how long results may last. Results of Botox may last anywhere from 3-6 months, whereas Juvéderm may potentially last anywhere from 9-18 months. Keep in mind that the results may also depend on the concentration of the product used, as well as individual ability to metabolize injections.

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